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Suitable for oily and acne prone skin. The treatment is aimed at  reducing excess oil and killing bacteria  while  minimizing breakouts with a balanced, non-aggressive approach. Facial mask stays on 20min for the best result.


70 min $155


This facial is designed to lighten pigmentation caused by sun, acne or aging. With consistent treatments, such pigmentations will be diminished. Home care products will be strongly recommended for the best result. Facial mask stays on 20min for the optimal result. 


70 min $165


This gentle treatment is ideal for irritated skin with low tolerance and high sensitivity. Soothes and hydrates, rendering your skin evenly toned and visibly calmed. Facial mask stays on for the 20min for the best result. 


70 min $165

*All facial service  included Neck and Shoulder massage.


Add these treatments to your facial. These services are not available alone.

Eye Firming Treatment

Reduces the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and fine lines while creating a tightening and moisturizing effect.  


Firming Décolleté Treatment

Prevents dark spots and diminishes wrinkles on the decollete.   


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